• Glacial Clay Facial

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      History of Glacial Clay

      Glacier clay is highly sought after and valuable due to the short extraction season. This product cannot be produced synthetically. It is the oldest and most natural skin treatment on the market. Centuries ago glacier clay was used to: Heal scars and bruises, treat bug bites, heal muscle injuries and detoxify the entire body.

    Known for centuries as “the miracle clay” this super clay is has the ability to draw out impurities from the skin while delivering essential nutrients into the skin.

    Glacier clay nutrients are finer then mist or fog each particle is 0.001 of a millimeter, allowing nutrients to be more effectively penetrated into the skin. A natural chemical reaction occurs in glacier clay that removes toxins, bacteria and dead skin cells while also improving tone of the skin, hydration, circulation and the replenishment of essential minerals and elements.

    How it works:

    Glacier clay hermetically seals the skin with microscopic particle elements this accelerates the natural circulation process. At this time the nutrients found in the clay combined with oxygen come to surface and begin to feed the skin from within. When masque is applied it slightly increase body temperature allowing a further more effective penetration of active ingredients.



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