• Pure Iceberg Water & Blueberry Boost

    Iceberg Water 

    Water born at the top of the world in the Arctic Polar Icecap, where the purest waters have been locked away for over 12,000 years. As the ice breaks away, it follows the ocean current south through “Iceberg alley”, an area off the northern coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s here that the simplest, healthiest and finest water is frozen solid. It has been untouched by pollutants and toxins leaving you with pure pristine iceberg water.

    Iceberg water is used as a naturally toxin-free base in all Ossetra Skin care products leaving your skin more hydrated, pure and smooth to the touch. The pH of Iceberg water is slightly acidic and is more beneficial for the body inside and out.

    Blueberry Boost (3 grams=36 grams!) 

    Organic Blueberry Boost Powder is made from Newfoundland and Labrador’s wild grown and naturally occurring crops of berries. They are freshly picked and dried in a patented system. This leading edge technology ensures that the highest amount of nutritional value is left in the product. From this process a dry crystallized form of blueberry is created that contains no preservatives, no oxidation preventing agents, no chemicals and no artificial color. This is the purest form of dried blueberries on the market today. Ossetra powder is a natural supplement and can easily be incorporate in your lifestyle. A little bit goes a long way as 1 Gram of dry powder = 12 Grams of raw berries.

    Blueberries have been recognized to be natural healers, they aid in: Strengthening brainpower,
 preserving and improving vision, promotes urinary tract health
neutralized free radicles that effect heart disease and body aging Improves digestion
and help in reducing belly fat.

    This powder is also a wonderful ingredient to use in personal recipes, as the Blueberry powder is 100% natural..


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